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Creating RFP is always a challenging task. Multiple things are to be taken into account. Also when an RFP is written, it should have all related information. That will ensure customer gets minimal calls during solution desiging and also the solution is clear and to the point. Generating a RFP without much related information will lead to confusion. That will inturn shoot up the solutioning cost.

We at URL Systems, are aware of all these potential RFP related challenges. With out vast experience in this field, we can help customer create RFPs. We have created various templates for easy creating of RFP.

We also have all the capabilites to respond to an RFP. Picking URL Systems as a solution provider, will ensure that we work as one-stop shop as we have various technology specific and industry specific partners to help customer deliver these solutions.

Depending on the type of IT activity, Customers’ can create various types of RFPs. RFPs can be created for a small project to huge global IT outsourcing initiative. Based on that the input sessions in RFP document will change. Customer may also create RFP to circulate it to their internal vendors. In this case, Customer may choose not to give detailed technical architecture as the vendor is expected to be aware of the environment they are supporting.

Various Customers, who are implementing IT for the first time (very rare), need lots of hand holding in creating RFP document and also evaluating the response

Similarly when sending a RFP-response back to cusomter, the responding party might choose to send a single file with multiple supporting documents or multiple files for each and every section along with supporting documents. The customer will be dictating the same in the RFP documents.

We are attaching basic RFP template and RFP-response template. Do let us know if you need more detailed / eloborate template. We can send you a copy of the same.


Please mail us a copy of the RFP document or your intent to create an RFP and we will get back to you quickly.

Alternatively you can have it uploaded in our system. Please fill in the details below