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URL Systems helps IT managers succeed in their mission-critical projects by quickly providing the highest quality, specialized and cost-competitive consultants and business solutions to take care of all business needs.

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As an independent software vendor or software products company you may be interested in short development & testing life cycles, reducing development & support costs, enhancing product functionality or integrating with other applications in order to generate higher value to your organization and to your customers.

URL Systems specializes in providing software product development and testing services, with a proven track record in executing offshore software development projects for enterprise software companies like Agile, Oracle, Siebel and PeopleSoft. In this process we have built an offshore product development and engineering framework that spans system study, design, prototype development through product development, testing, enhancements, porting and ongoing support.

We have a deep technical, functional and managerial expertise in providing end-to-end solutions across the enterprise. We aim to be your trusted development partner.

We have vast experience in Product Development. We bring our vast consulting experience to the table and work on products independently or jointly with the customer. Depending on the development type we get involved with customer teams, gather specs and carry forward all the deliverables. There will be constant status updates and health checks.

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