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URL Systems  helps IT managers succeed in their mission-critical projects by quickly providing the highest quality, specialized and cost-competitive consultants and business solutions to take care of all business needs.

URL Systems  helps IT managers succeed in their mission-critical projects by quickly providing the highest quality, specialized and cost-competitive consultants and business solutions to take care of all business needs.
Applications are the lifeblood of any enterprise, supporting every aspect of how business is planned, managed and executed. As enterprises face the need to rapidly respond to customer requirements and competitive issues, these applications come under increasing pressure to support the business, do more for less, and deliver business value. Increasingly complex and integrated application portfolios, high maintenance costs, and scarce applications support skills can significantly distract attention from your core business and competitive issues.
Outsourcing enterprise application lifecycle management to URL Systems can help you manage these challenges so you can focus on the strategic business and technology initiatives you need to achieve your business goals.
URL Systems  specializes in providing a full portfolio of enterprise application management services – designing, building, deploying and managing applications -across the enterprise to customers in discrete manufacturing, process manufacturing and financial industries among others that use enterprise applications from  Oracle, People Soft
and  SAP.
Coupled with the best practices in business process management, our services can help you accelerate time-to-market, increase ROI and remain competitive in today’s evolving marketplaces.
Our teams comes with vast experience in identifying white spaces in customers Supply Chain   and  Human Capital  systems.
We do come with vast Implementation, Upgrade and Maintenance skills.
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Master Data Management(MDM)  is information that is core to the running of a business and typically refers to people, places, and things.
MDM solutions  can have significant business value if they’re executed properly. Master Data can have an impact on the bottom line. Master data is the critical connector between the enterprise systems that underlie most business operations. Master Data provides the necesssary link between operational systems and the business intelligence solutions that support management’s decision making. The quality of an organization’s master data, therefore, can affect the quality of its operations and strategic decision making.
SAP MDM  is module built on top of  SAP XI Netweaver  which is used to consolidate master data objects from multiple different SAP remote systems. SAP MDM follows the model of collecting data (master) from several systems and store the details in a central repository. During consolidation cleansing of duplicate and identical records is also done. As of this writing SAP MDM supports the following master data objects (Check for latest information)
All the relevant data from following sources can be brought together

  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Employees
  • Materials and
  • Products
Who Needs SAP MDM?

Do you have multiple SAP or non SAP systems which houses the master data for example customers, vendors, partners etc., if the answer is yes then you might be needing it to consolidate your master data. For example your company and global subsidiaries have master data of customers which are housed in different SAP systems. There might be high probability of duplicate customers across the systems. SAP MDM helps you to remove that duplicates so that you can service your customers better. The same concept works for your other master data like vendors, materials, employees, product data and business partners.
Global companies who ship from multiple locations as mismatched master data/product data will affect your ability to ship orders from global points as there would be problems in ATP etc as they won’t recognize both of them as same products/materials.

Benefits of SAP MDM Module:

  • No Coding, No Transactions
  • Data Cleansing is done. Deletion of duplicate entries or merging of duplicate entries etc by defining rules
  • Ability to modify huge number of data records
  • Get data from multiple sources SAP, non SAP system, file or from XML and remember without coding
  • Validation of data while loading the data
  • Can be performed recursively

We at  URL Systems, provide both Project Based, Consulting Based Data Services. Our consultants come with vast data management knowledge and good industry experience. They work very closely with business to identify all the drivers. This has been the center piece of our consulting activities.

Case Study:  Master Data Management for Large Electronic Manufacturing Services